Ways to Donate

Click the button above to easily donate using PayPal.
Did you know that you can give to the Delaware County Diabetes Association at three different places when you’re shopping for groceries? The organization is registered with Kroger and GFS, so be sure to make the DCDA your charity of choice before checking out.
Become a Friend of the DCDA by donating 25 dollars. After donation make sure to fill out the form below to receive your certificate.
We also have a Fundly campaign available.
Don’t forget that buying at smile.amazon.com gives you the same experience as buying through Amazon.com, except you also can donate one-half percent of eligible purchases to your favorite charity … the DCDA. Just be sure to select the organization to be your charity of choice before you check out.
Also, a $50 donation will be made to the DCDA in your name when you buy a new system, switch services or activate an existing system with Habitec Security. A burglary happens every 15 seconds! But Habitec can provide you with peace of mind, with monitoring rates starting as low as $22 per month. See flyer below for more information.
To link your Kroger Plus Shopper’s Card to the DCDA …  


  • Have your Kroger Plus Shopper’s Card handy. If you don’t have a Kroger Plus Card, they are available at the customer service desk at any Kroger store.
  • Go to KrogerCommunityRewards.com.
  • If you do NOT already have an online Kroger account, click the “Create an Account” button, enter your ZIP code, click the “Find” button and select a store from the drop-down list. Then enter your email address, create a password and select your communication preferences. Finally, click the “Create Account” button.
  • The next page should allow you to link your Kroger Plus Card to your online account. Simply enter the card number from the back of your card and your last name in the appropriate boxes, then click the “Save” button.
  • If you DO already have an online Kroger account, click the “Sign In” button. Enter your email and password, then click the “Sign In” button. (You’ll also have to link your Kroger Plus Card to your online account before selecting a charity.)
  • Once you have an online account and your Kroger Plus Card is linked to it, you can set the DCDA as your charity of choice. Click the “Enroll Now” button on the screen after you sign in. If you don’t see that button, go to your “Account Summary” page by clicking on your name near the top right of the screen.
  • At the bottom of the “Account Summary” page, click the “Enroll” button in the “Community Rewards” section. Enter the NPO number (53918) or name of the organization (Delaware County Diabetes Association), click the “Search” button, select the organization from the list by clicking on its button and click “Enroll.”
  • To verify you are enrolled, you will see your organization’s name at the bottom of your “Account Summary” page, in the “Community Rewards” section.

If you use your phone number at the register and don’t have your Kroger Plus Card – or don’t know your card number – call 877-576-7587 to get your number.

You must swipe your registered Kroger Plus Card OR use the phone number that is related to the registered card for each purchase to count toward donating.